With its inclusion of “Beats Audio”, its pretty clear that the HTC One is geared towards providing a music listening experience that is a cut above of the rest. First of all, let me clarify that the “Beats Audio” feature here is not a gimmick or cheap cash grab, it actually provides an excellent music listening experience that is loud, and more importantly, crystal clear.

Mobile phones aren’t known for having the best speakers, but the HTC One goes out of its way to provide high quality stereo sound playback from the phone’s speakers. Of course, the device itself doesn’t rival specialized speakers, and playing multi layered music (such as hard rock or progressive) from the phone itself leaves a lot to be desired. But for more simplistic songs, it’s more than enough to hear the music loud and clear, not to mention that you can easily watch YouTube videos, TV shows and even movies from the device without having to rely on headphones.

But of course, as good as speakers are, headphones are better, and here is where the HTC One shines. The phone comes packaged with in-ear red and black headphones (which are not Beats headphones by the way). I have been through many, many earphones, and so far these headphones rank among the best. They sit comfortably in your ears, and provide great sound quality whether you’re listening to loud rock, smooth pop, or even a chatty podcast. The headphones themselves have a flat wire, which means that you can stuff them in your pocket when not in use and they won’t get tangled up.

The native music app on the phone is enough to enjoy whatever music you have on your phone. I’d rather have a simplistic app that functions well than one that’s stuffed with a plethora of features that I’ll never use. It organizes your music neatly (with all the relevant cover art), whether by artist, album, or song and provides easy navigation through your music library. You can simply drag and drop music from your PC onto your phone, or use the very user friendly HTC sync manager to import and neatly organize the music on your phone. You can even choose to display lyrics on some of your music, which turns your HTC One into a sort of mini-karaoke machine.

Enjoying music is a big part of the HTC One experience, and it’s one of the few smartphones that delivers such a great experience that it would make you consider ditching your dedicated mp3 player in a heartbeat.

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