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Vine to continue as a camera app

Will this be Vine's second coming?

Vine To Continue As A Camera App

When Vine announced in October that it will be shutting down, users and fans shed tears, but it looks like Vine just might live on.

Recent reports suggest that Vine will soon be transformed into  a new camera app next month, called the Vine Camera app. While the new version of Vine wont exactly be a platform for six second creativity, it will now let you create looping clips of the same length. The videos you take with the app can be saved to the phone or shared directly on the app's parent company Twitter. 

Additionally, the app will also make it easier for Vine followers to tag along on Twitter with the help of a Follow on Twitter alert, which will come on the app soon. The app will also give users the ability to download their Vines from the current app and website.

The Vine community should be happy with this user friendly solution, as now not only will they be able to make Vine videos again, but will also get a new camera app to play with.


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