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VR comes to macOS

Oculus Rift brings VR to macOS

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VR has finally made its way to Apple's computers, through a new app that lets Mac owners experience macOS as a virtual desktop using an Oculus Rift headset.

The app, called VR Desktop app, is produced by Cindori and will allow users to experience their desktop as a giant screen, or three of them, in a multi-monitor fashion. This can help in various ways. For example, the simple productivity boost of using three (huge) displays for multitasking – with no extra monitors needed, or indeed no display at all save for the headset – with the software allowing you to adjust the size and positioning of these virtual screens. You can even use this app to experience games on a giant curved screen, the developer boasts, or indeed watch movies for a truly immersive experience.

To run the app, you will need to own an Oculus Rift DK2 (dev kit version, not the commercial release) headset and a Mac with a discrete GPU (some graphics grunt is obviously required, and integrated won’t cut it) running macOS 10.11 or better. The software alone will cost you $20. 

Support for the app on the commercial version of Oculus Rift and the rival HTC Vive headset is on its way, and will arrive as soon as these devices support the Mac platform, the developer notes, adding that HTC will apparently be doing so in the first half of this year.


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