The Dubai-based team of developers behind Wally, the leading lifestyle personal money management iOS app, is finally bringing the app to Android as a completely re-designed free app, Wally+.  Adaptable to user behaviour, offering up real-time insights into their spending patterns, the new app is currently in Beta, looking for users to join up and help test the program as it come closer to public release.

Wally allows management of multiple accounts, tagging friends in expenses, and helps app users understand where and how they stand financially when compared to other people in their network. In addition, Wally offers insight into not just where a user’s money goes, but also how, why and with whom the money is spent. With its location-based speed, Wally+ will automatically identify and categorise a venue; all a user has to do is enter the amount of money they’ve spent at the venue.

The app aims at adapting to user preferences and behaviours and not only learning from the user but learning along with the user. Wally+ can also notify a user of any upcoming payments or once their savings goal has been reached. What’s more, Wally lets users manage their finances without the need to give up their banking details. The app takes a lifestyle approach to dealing with personal finance by capturing the moments and people around expenses so users can learn to appreciate the experiences along with the incurred expenses.

iPhone users will get the updated Wally+ app “as soon as possible”, but for now Android users get to enjoy all the new features first.

Are you an Android user? Reserve your Wally+ Invite by heading to the Google Play Store & downloading the new app now.


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