Facebook users beware, CheetahMobile has said the Facebook Colour Scam is back, so far affecting more than 10,000 Facebook users across the world. The scam claims it can change the colour of a user’s profile layout, however, once clicked, the link leads to a phishing website.  The website allows hackers to further exploit users’ profiles by stealing their access tokens whilst a user is watching a colour changer tutorial video. If a user doesn’t watch the video, the phishing website gets them to download an application with malicious content.

According to Cheetah Mobile, “If a user is on a PC, the site leads them to download a pornography video player. If the user is on an Andoid device, it issues a warning saying the device has been infected and advisers users” to download a suggested app, which is also malicious. No word on how this scam affects Apple devices and users, if it does in any way.

If you think you have been affected by this scam, please change your password right away and make sure to remove the colour changer app from your Facebook app Settings. Make sure to tell all your less tech-savvy friends and family to avoid this scam as well.


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