While there may be a decent amount of programs to watch on television at any given time, sometimes we’d like to watch programs that sadly aren’t available on commercial TV. Plenty of my friends who have moved here from US and UK keep lamenting how they miss some of their favorite programs, or how they’re unable to view certain videos or content online because it’s restricted to users living in those countries.

Of course this can easily be bypassed using a VPN service, but the trouble with using a VPN is that is adds an extra hop to your network, which in turn often slows down your connection tremendously due to long ping times. A faster and easier solution to this would be to opt for DNS, which works by bypassing location restrictions without significantly affecting your connection speeds. This results in smoother streaming with less time spent waiting for videos to buffer.

This kind of stable DNS service is what UnoTelly aims to provide. The company offers DNS services that can unlock over 200 TV channels online, including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many more.


Setting up UnoTelly is quite simple, and there are a number of ways of doing so. Once you’ve logged on to your account, you can download a simple program called ‘UnoHelper’ which will automatically change the DNS settings on your laptop or PC to route traffic through UnoTelly servers. Once this is done, you can then access several online streaming services and watch content as if you were in that country. Of course services like Netflix and HBO will require a separate subscription, but most other TV channels will provide the content directly without any fees. You can even choose to setup UnoTelly DNS entries on your router, tablet, gaming console, or smartphone – there are a number of helpful tutorials on the website, and the customer service is quick to respond to any questions.

The good news

Once you’re set up, everything works as it should. Logging on to BBC iPlayer as an example, I was able to stream almost any program instantly, and if you’ve got a PC connected up to your TV or projector, it’s a great way to enjoy the content on a larger screen. I was able to access Hulu on my PS3 without any problems, whereas before it would not open as I was based outside of the US. Streaming was also very quick and lag-free, compared to trying to watch programs through a VPN.

The bad news

Here’s where things can get a bit sticky – some ISPs may throttle data if they detect that you’re going through another DNS. In the UAE for example, if you’re on du you’ll experience sporadic dropouts and certain websites failing to load completely (the service works perfectly on Etisalat). This is an issue that UnoTelly has acknowledged, and for the time being there isn’t a workaround (apart from utilizing their VPN service). You also need to keep in mind that UnoTelly only lifts location restrictions – it won’t unblock websites that you usually can’t access (naughty, naughty).

If you want to check out UnoTelly and see if it’s right for you, they offer a free 7-day trial without any restrictions. It’s a great service to use if you want to watch some of your favorite programs from other parts of the world without the slowdowns of using a VPN.


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