When it comes to extra storage on the go, sometimes a USB thumb drive just doesn’t cut it. While some drives can go up to about 16GB in size, for some of us even that isn’t enough, which is why external hard drives are now a dime a dozen. Of course, there are plenty of drives out there that you can get that offer you a variety of storage sizes for your budget, so today I’ll be looking at the Western Digital My Passport 2TB USB drive.

Western Digital My Passport 2TB Review

Build Quality

The My Passport series has been a staple one for WD, constantly being refreshed to showcase new designs and colors, as well as additional storage space. The latest iteration of the My Passport ditches the shiny black plastic for a more artistic look, sported a slightly textured dotted design. The increase in capacity has led to a slightly thicker looking case, but it’s a small price to pay for the additional storage.

Western Digital My Passport 2TB Review

Connectivity & Performance

The My Passport 2TB is USB 3.0 compliant, and as such promises faster transfer speeds and reduced backup times. This was clearly evident in my speed tests, which saw read and write speeds of about 110MB/s in CrystalDiskMark. I then did some transfer tests of my own on both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 for various file sizes, and it’s evident that the USB 3.0 compatibility certainly comes in handy when transferring large files across to the drive.

Western Digital My Passport 2TB Review
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The Western Digital My Passport 2TB USB is a nice addition to the range, and although it may look a little chunky, it’s still a speedy little drive that provides an ample amount of storage on the go.


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