Amazon is widely expected to announce their latest product tonight- a new smartphone. Although Amazon has has some experience with their Kindle based tablets, this is the first time Amazon will be releasing a smartphone. Here are five things that that you can expect from the new Amazon phone tonight:

1) It will be based on a forked version of Android

Considering that the Kindle is based on a forked version of Android, it should come as no surprise to see Amazon’s phone go down that same route. Amazon already has an app store full of Android apps so this one is a no-brainer.

2) Six Cameras for a totally new user experience

The biggest thing to look forward to is the inclusion of six cameras on the new Amazon phone. Besides the standard front and back cameras, it is speculated that Amazon will have four cameras on each corner of the phone with head-tracking technology that will move the UI based on how you’re looking at the phone. Amazon teased us with a video earlier.

3) High profiled developers with modified apps

There’s no point in creating a break-through technology without getting popular app developers to modify their apps to use such technology. Think about it- if apps you use most of the time (Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat) look identical and operate identical to other Android devices then you’ve lost a potential buyer. I expect Amazon to put a circus as far as apps are concerned and how they will turn the user experience into a WOW factor.

4) Medium-end Specs

I doubt Amazon would want to compete with specs as that will be a hard war to win against the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC. Instead, very much like the Moto X from last year, the Amazon smartphone is expected to feature a 4.7-inch 720p display which will not only help Amazon keep costs down but also extend the battery life of the device.

5) Not coming to the Middle East

Rumours are that Amazon has signed up with AT&T to be the exclusive launch partner in the US. I doubt that we’ll see an official Middle East release of this phone. It will be available through grey imports but like the Kindle, Amazon will surely restrict content availability to markets it is already present in and the Middle East is not one of them.


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