It was not long ago, March 2015 to be exact, that WhatsApp crossed the one billion installs milestone on Google Play. Now the messaging service is not the only one to cross the milestone.

10 months later, now, WhatsApp has announced that it has crossed a new milestone. WhatsApp now has one billion monthly active users. Downloads and installs are one thing, but the number of active users literally demonstrate its popularity.

Other than WhatsApp, Alphabet has also announced that the company’s emailing client, Gmail, also has one billion active monthly users, almost at the same time as WhatsApp’s announcement.

Looking at it through a more competitive angle, Gmail hit billion installs in May 2014, which is double the time it took for WhatsApp to convert downloads into monthly active users. It does give an overall impression that everyone is using Gmail and WhatsApp, but the rapid uptake in downloads show that there is a room for growth, even when a seventh of the world’s population is already using the product on the regular.


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