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WhatsApp starting to roll out video calls on Android

Video calls coming to WhatsApp

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Do you prefer video calls over voice calls and text messaging? Well, looks like WhatsApp has some news for you.

The billion user chat app is now starting to push out video calls in the Android version of the app, as spotted by Android Police. There doesnt seem to be any reason for the roll out, and some users are getting it in the beta versions while others arent. Updating the app alone does not manifest the video chat function, and if the other person does not have it enabled, then they will just see a voice call instead.

However, if you do have video chats enabled, you will see the video UI, and the call will be logged as a video call. When you receive a video call, you will get the option to either do a voice or video call when you select the call button or a contact card. Although it is a major feature, it is still not a full fledged release and you can get it by updating to the latest 2.16.318 beta, available on APK Mirror. The feature does bring the chat app closer to the likes of Skype, Facebook Messenger and FaceTime.

When asked to make a comment on the video calling roll out, WhatsApp said that the company does not comment on future product plans. However, we will have to wait and see if the service will be available here.


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