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WhatsApp to now have Giphy support

New update also raises media sharing limits

Whats App To Now Have Giphy Support

A new update for WhatsApp has finally bought GIPHY support for the instant messaging service. The update also increases the number of media files you will be able to share.

This new update will take away the need for installing additional apps, such as the GBoard app, or a separate Gihpy client, or have a whole bunch of GIFs taking up your phone storage. Now you can simply send GIFs to friends by tapping the emoji button at the side of the text box where you’ll be presented with option to switch between the emoji keyboard and a Giphy search keyboard. From there, all you have to do is select a GIF from the most popular selection, or search a keyword and scroll through GIFs until you find what you’re looking for. 

To make things even better, WhatsApp has also increased the maximum media sharing limit. Before we were only able to send 10 images or videos in a single batch, but that number has now increased to 30. To access the Giphy search option and increased media limit you need version 2.17.6 beta of the app, which you can get by joining the Google Play Store beta and downloading it. 

The update hasnt rolled out to everyone just yet, so you might have to wait till it comes to your device.


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