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Will there be a 4K Apple TV coming out soon?

4K content as well

Will There Be A 4 K Apple Tv Coming Up

The recent firmware code release for the Apple HomePod has been the source for various leaks regarding the iPhone 8. However, it also gave us a clue at what to expect with an upcoming Apple TV.

After some more digging into the Apple HomePod firmware code by iOS developer Guilherme Rambo, references to "4kHDR", "HDR10" and "Dolby" display modes have popped up. This means that the smart speaker is going to be able to beam content to a brand new, 5th-gen, 4K Apple TV.

To be honest, its high time Apple comes out with a 4K Apple TV. Especially since all the competition such as, Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast Ultra are rolling out 4K compatible devices. 

Video editor Marc Bach commented that the "HLG" or Hybrid Log Gamma mode is in fact a third HDR mode, giving the new Apple TV support for three different HDR formats, on top of the 4K resolution for movies, TV shows, and maybe even a few games.

Other details of the new Apple TV are pretty scarce, but we can expect improvements on the HDD, apps as well as Siri.


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