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Win the new HTC U11

Win the new HTC U11

We are giving away the new HTC U11, and here is how you can get it

HTC recently launched its flagship HTC U11, and the folks over at HTC were nice enough to give us one for a giveaway. 

Inspired by the power of touch and the Brilliant U, HTC U11 is the world’s first smartphone with revolutionary new squeeze interaction. The highly-anticipated HTC U11 sets a new standard of what you can expect from a smartphone by combining revolutionary new squeeze interaction with a stunning liquid-surface design, intelligent personal audio, amazing cameras, and multiple AI assistants for a smarter smartphone.

You can read our review for more details.

Congrats to our winner Richard Francis!

Tony Luke

Tony Luke

A child stuck in a man's body, Tony loves all the techy toys, especially the ones with flashy lights. Often found in a corner playing make belief games with action figures.

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