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Windows 10 setup now has voice commands

Thank you Cortana

Windows 10 Setup Now Has Voice Commands

Installing Windows just got easier, because now you just have to tell Windows to do it, thanks to Cortana. 

Cortana has become a part of the OS's initial setup process with the new Creators Update, which is now available to install. Now, you can save wear and tear on that mouse or keyboard, listen to the digital assistant prompt you, and vocalize your selection of options during setup. 

However, using Cortana is an option, you can go with the standard method of installing if you want to as well. Also, not every option can be controlled via voice.  As Windows Central notes, more complicated menus still require selections to be made with an input peripheral. This includes the new privacy settings, which involve multiple sliders and a good deal of explanation text, must be handled with a mouse or keyboard (or your touchscreen, if you have one).

While not many users might like having Cortana on board, there are users who would actually prefer it. Microsoft does have some big plans for Cortana, so we might see more of it soon. What do you think? Would you use Cortana? Let us know in the comments below.


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