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Windows updates to come over to limited connections

Look out for the Creators Update

Windows Updates To Come Over To Limited Connections

Microsoft is known for forcing its updates on people, and reports suggest that the  Windows 10 Creators Update is forcing software patches over limited connections, or "metered connections" as Windows calls them - connections made over cell networks or with other restrictions.

According to  SuperSite Windows, updates will  now be automatically downloaded and installed over metered connections, which hasn't previously been the case. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, this only applies to "critical fixes" and not large updates. This means that you should be getting the  most important bug fixes and security patches without a lot of the optional extras, but as yet Microsoft hasn't been any more specific about how big or small a download will have to be to get under the threshold.

There have been incidents where some users have switched to or simulated metered connections to get more control over how Windows updates are downloaded and installed, but it looks like that option won't be available for much longer. Now, for those with metered connections could potentially face  a problem in terms of data limits or costs, but presumably Microsoft thinks it's worth the inconvenience for users to make sure Windows 10 is safely patched and running smoothly.

The Creators Update is set to roll out from April 11th, and it seems to be a big one. As of now, the upgrade is also bringing with it a bunch of features to benefit gamers and creative types. We will update this article as soon as we hear something from Microsoft.


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