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Xiaomi Mi6 might feature an upgraded Snapdragon 835 processor

Your patience might end up rewarding you because an upgraded Xiaomi Mi6 might be running a processor at higher speeds than usual

Xiaomi Mi6

It is not every day that you see flagship phones getting their processors overclocked to run higher than their stock frequencies but a leaked screenshot out of China might speak volumes of the level of performance we can expect from the upcoming Xiaomi Mi6. Due to the scarcity of Snapdragon 835 chipsets, Mi6 has been rumored to be launched bearing a Snapdragon 821 and afterwards, featuring a Snapdragon 835. The Snapdragon 821 version might come with less RAM and internal memory so let us divert our attention to the leaked screenshot that shows the better performing version.

As most of you might know, the Snapdragon 835 is running a Kryo 280 processor and comprises up of an octa-core processor. The performance cores are running at a speed of 2.45GHz but the speed listed in the screenshot is 2.70GHz, revealing that the Mi6 might be getting tested to see if the processor can actually be sustained thermally to run at these speeds. While it looks like this is certainly possible, increasing the clock speeds of a processor even in a smartphone can raise temperatures, release a lot of heat and reduce the lifespan of components.

If anything gets damaged inside the phone and it is later found out that it is the result of running the processor at ‘higher than default’ clock speeds, then your warranty might not be entertained. The phone can also be seen running 6GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage, so this might give you an idea of what sort of hardware to expect when the Snapdragon 835 version gets released down the road. Xiaomi Mi6 running a Snapdragon 821 will be launched shortly at a smaller retail price than the one that is going to be powered by a Snapdragon 835. 

This is certainly a move that Xiaomi might not be fond of making, but it needs to get some phones out in the market right now.


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