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You might need a new motherboard for Intel's 8th gen CPU

You will need a 300 series motherboard

You Might Need A New Motherboard For Intels 8Th Gen Cpu

Intel just launched its 8th generation processor for laptops, which is known as the Kaby Lake Refresh. However, there wasnt any mention of desktop CPUs. A new leak on the other hand, seems that PC chips might require a new motherboard as well.

The information comes from the leaked box shots of the new Core i5 and i7 models, and according to PC Gamers reports, on the side of the product box you can clearly see the following line: “Requires Intel 300 series chipset-based motherboard”. These might be photoshopped images, but other sources claim that these are legitimate pics accidentally spilled by Intel.

Motherboard manufacturer ASRock already stated on Twitter that if you want an 8th-generation desktop CPU, you’ll need a new 300-series motherboard. These new processors won’t be compatible with existing 200-series motherboards because even though they use the same LGA 1151 socket, they’ll require a slightly modified ‘version 2’ socket.

This means that those who want to upgrade will need a new motherboard for their new CPU, which could leak to switching out all the hardware. This might lead to customers switching to a new AMD motherboard and Ryzen CPU.


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