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Youtube to bring an end to annotations

Goodbye annoying annotations

Youtube Annotations

Have you ever been annoyed by those annotations on a YouTube video? Well, now you can say goodbye to those irritating text boxes.

YouTube recently announced that as of May 2nd,  it will be removing the Annotations Editor entirely. The company sites a bunch of reasons to killing off the feature,  among them is that it never worked for mobile, and that there’s been a 70% decrease in usage of the feature since video-makers began adopting the (more effective) Cards and End Screens features. Any videos that make use of annotations before the May 2 deadline will keep them when viewed on desktop.

YouTube is hoping to completely replace annotations with updated versions of Cards and End Screens options,  both touting refinements based on user feedback. End Screens are relatively harmless and easy to click out of once a video’s finished, and that's where  the host begs for subscribers and points at links to their other videos. Cards however, are just essentially a slightly less intrusive version of Annotations. They can be used for the usual video or external links, but can also include things like polls and donations links. 

The update is set to roll out on May 2nd. What do you think? Do you hate the annotations too? Let us know in the comments below.


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